SwitchUp! | C# | Unity3D |

SwitchUp! is a 4-player fast-paced arcade shooter which was made for the Global Game Jam in 2015. This was a group project (6 team members, 2 of which were programmers including myself) made in 48 hours. The objective of the game is to score points by killing players that are not currently on your team, with the weapon assigned to your player. Every 45 seconds the teams and objectives are randomised so that the action never gets stale.


Multithreaded CPU Pathtracer | C++ | Multithreaded with a Job System |

A pathtracer written in C++ that continuously updates and converges on the final image as long as the camera remains stationary. With support for HDR skydomes and depth-of-field, this makes scenes rendered in the pathtracer look incredibly realistic.


Cloth Simulation on the GPU | C++ | OpenGL Compute shaders |

A learning experience in trying to use the GPU for general purpose calculations. I had previously worked extensively with visual shaders (vertex/geometry/fragment) but this was the first time I explored compute shaders. The scene consists of a piece of cloth hanging above a terrain. You can move the cloth around and it will collide with the terrain.


Blind Traffic Control | C# | Unity3D | Kinect 2.0 | Oculus Rift DK1 |

A group project consisting of 3 programmers (including myself) and 5 designers. The purpose of this game was to get a hold of some experimental technologies, and combine them. Using both the Kinect 2.0 and an Oculus Rift, the goal of the game is to direct traffic safely through a crossroad by gesturing either "stop" or "go" to each of the three lanes.


PlayStation 4 Arkanoid Clone | C++ | Native PS4 | PSSL |

A small arkanoid clone for the PlayStation 4 using sample code and documentation as reference. The goal here was to learn how to develop on the PlayStation 4 without using an engine such as the PhyreEngine. A lot of PS4 specific features have also been implemented just to see how that would work (such as changing the lightbar colour and using the touchpad).


Post-processing Effects | C++ | GLSL |

A simple island scene with animated water and a day/night cycle. Though this is a basic scene, this project mainly focused on post-processing effects and manipulating frame buffers to layer multiple camera effects so that they all work simultaneously.


The Kleptomaniac | C# | Unity3D |

One of my first Unity3D projects ever, and something I am still proud of. The player is a thief that has broken into a home, and needs to steal specific objects within the house and escape. However, the home is not empty and so the thief needs to be quiet and ensure the homeowner does not wake up. This is not an easy task especially since the thief is a bit clumsy and needs to physically pick up objects (similarly to games such as Amnesia) to bring them outside.


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