The Kleptomaniac | C# | Unity3D |


One of my first Unity3D projects ever, and something I am still proud of. The player is a thief that has broken into a home, and needs to steal specific objects within the house and escape. However, the home is not empty and so the thief needs to be quiet and ensure the homeowner does not wake up. This is not an easy task especially since the thief is a bit clumsy and needs to physically pick up objects (similarly to games such as Amnesia) to bring them outside.

Personal Responsibilities

As the lead programmer for this group project, I had to manage the other 2 programmers and ensure that they were always on task and to help them with any problems as they arise.
I was responsible for most of the player behaviours (picking up objects and manipulation in 3D), implementing the objectives system, homeowner AI, UI, sounds, and player interactions with the world (such as turning on/off lights).


  • Fun, physics-based gameplay.
  • A control-scheme similar to titles such as Amnesia.
  • Destructable objects.
  • Enemy AI that will wake up and patrol if you make too much noise.


Binaries (Win32).

Source files available upon request.

Any questions? Please contact me!