SwitchUp! | C# | Unity3D |


SwitchUp! is a 4-player fast-paced arcade shooter which was made for the Global Game Jam in 2015. This was a group project (6 team members, 2 of which were programmers including myself) made in 48 hours. The objective of the game is to score points by killing players that are not currently on your team, with the weapon assigned to your player. Every 45 seconds the teams and objectives are randomised so that the action never gets stale.

This was my first game jam project, and it was very interesting to see how polished we could make a game in 48 hours. We had allocated the first 24 hours into making a playable game, and the rest of the time was spent polishing up the mechanics and eliminating bugs. As a result, even though we only had a weekend to create this game, the end result is incredibly polished and something I am very proud of.

Personal Responsibilities

As a team project, the programming tasks were split into two. I was responsible for a lot of the player behaviours such as picking up and dropping weapons, aiming the weapons using the thumbstick, player movement, general feel, and implementing most of the UI with animations.


  • Made for the Global Game Jam 2015 for the theme: "What do we do now?".
  • Up to 4 players can play locally using controllers.
  • Unpredictable fast-paced gameplay.


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